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Braton Prime Build - Players helping Players

22/03/2015 · I have many builds for the Braton: 3 Braton prime is just a buffy version. Typical: Serration, Split Chamber, Shred Pure Dmg: Aim for- Heavy Cal, Elemental Dmg Type mods for the faction you are going up agaist. Because the braton's dmg types are so evenly spread out, elmental dmg mods seem to be decent. Braton Prime Build 2018 Guide - Old Faithful Warframe Gameplay There are many Assaults Rifles in Warframe, some more popular then others. The Braton Prime is among the "old timers" and many players simply glance over it and chuck-it up as MR fodder.

The Braton Prime is the Prime variant of the Braton, featuring higher damage, critical chance, critical multiplier, status chance, fire rate, magazine size, and ammo reserves, at the cost of some accuracy and reload speed. This weapon can be sold for 7,500. 17/06/2018 · I just recently got all of the parts I need for the Braton Prime, and since its my first prime primary weapon, I wanted to know if its worth investing a potato in. I enjoyed the normal Braton in early game, since it was relatively accurate, and havent really had an assault rifle that I can do a l. 14/08/2018 · Of course that's not what you want to hear, but you may want to pass on the braton prime. I don't find any of its stats worth investing in. If you really want, I'd say go for a raw damage build serration, heavy caliber, multishot and pure elemental mods with 2 or 3 of the dual status mods, as you want. 19/03/2017 · Ive recently felt like my Braton Prime was lacking in damage, it used to shred through enemies of higher levels, 70 but now it struggles to kill at level 40 enemies. I did sell a few mods that it had 3 nights ago and I tried to get suitable replacements but it just hasnt worked. Was wondering. Braton Prime can just about go toe-to-toe with Soma Prime, given that you build for status. Hell, it's likely to take down enemies faster than the Soma Prime at extremely high levels if you build for status, because crit is going to peter out after a while, while corrosive status just keeps on piling up.

Ignore the naysayers, Braton Prime is a great weapon. Its direct damage is a little under par, but with a good build, various procs can make it extremely effective against higher level enemies, although the ammo economy will suffer if you're not careful. There are. 27/02/2017 · Hello. Im just here looking for some tips on which Assault Rifle I should invest in; Soma Prime which I will have to purchase, Burston Prime, or Braton Prime. I currently only own the Braton Prime, and Soma Prime has a hefty price on it I have enough after selling a bunch of Riven mods so I.

11/01/2017 · I like this weapon between all primed primaries in terms of design. Id like to get a riven mod for braton and put formas on it but first I want to know if this weapon is effective on lvl 100 missions sorties ?? If not, which primed primary is good for endgame? I have boltor, braton, burston. 16/07/2018 · Mein Build für die Braton Prime Klein aber fein kommt die Braton Prime daher. Vor allem der Schnittschaden in Kombination mit Jägermunition macht diese Waffe zu einem treuen Begleiter. 26/10/2018 · Posted October 26, 2018. I recently got a braton prime blueprint and I have absolutely 0 idea where to get parts for it. I play on PC and PS4 Share this post. Link to post. On the Braton Prime page, under the Crafting Requirements, expand the Drop Locations drop-down, and you'll see which relics drop its parts.

hey guys this is the badassmojo and today i will be showing you guys how to build braton prime in warframe. what mods to put on and weather you should build braton prime for status or crit. enjoy this video and feel free to subscribe and share. thanks. Most images displayed belong to Warframe. Check it out, it’s an awesome game! Prices are shown in real-time. Check your ingame chat if you don’t believe us:>. The Braton Vandal is the Vandal version of the Braton, featuring higher base damage, accuracy, and status chance, though it sacrifices Fire Rate and Puncture damage in trade for Slash damage. The Braton Vandal does not deviate far from its origins, performing as a multipurpose rifle for any.

Braton Prime Builds - General Discussion

The Braton Prime handles quite like a generic, FPS assault rifle. It fires fast, has a little recoil and reasonable accuracy, a decent reload speed and a large magazine. If you've come from playing more traditional FPS games and are struggling to find a standard rifle that feels right, the Braton Prime is a good place to start. A good standard Braton Prime build might be: Serration, Split Chamber, Shred, Infected Clip, Prime Cryo Rounds, Thermite Rounds, High Voltage and Fanged Fusillade. You won't have some of those mods for a while, but building for raw damage, Viral, and Slash will be a good start. Aug 4, 2018 @ 8:03pm Braton Prime blueprint? I recently have just recieved the braton prime blueprint. it was my favorite starting weapon and i was wondering where you get the parts to build it. ANybody know? < > Showing 1-1 of 1 comments. Something Something Watermelons Aug 4. Hi there! I'm quite new to the Warframe scene having only 60 odd hours into the game and currently sitting at MR 8 and I have been trying to figure out a build for the Braton Prime. I've seen alot of people say this gun isn't the best but I really like the feel and the look of the gun. Currently I have one Orokin Catalyst and 0 formas into it. 25/06/2018 · braton prime is pretty low on the power scale compared to others, tiberon prime, tenora, soma prime and even the baza outclass it forgot the gorgon family, much better than braton prime Last edited by Davy Jones; Jun 25, 2018 @ 8:53am.

Go for Braton Prime for a bit more oomph. Serration, split chamber, heavy caliber, point strike, 2x 90% elemental, dual status mod, and then a sat hands for utility. This will increase critical to 25% for some extra damage, maximized through the other 5 modsincreased status with the dual mod. 24/04/2018 · It would be great to adjust the weapon to be crit oriented. Braton prime is status version, and Braton vandal can be the crit version. The term Prime refers to any Weapon, Warframe, Sentinel, Archwing, or accessory made with Orokin technology. The non-Prime weapons and Warframes the Tenno use are based on the Orokin's designs, but are not actual pieces of Orokin technology. Primes frequently sport improved damage, more Polarity. The Prime Vault, an archive outside of Tenno reach, houses items that have been retired from the game's reward tables. "An item enters the Prime Vault" means that players are no longer able to acquire Void Relics that can potentially reward those items. Any relics, blueprints, and components.

Braton Prime build adviceWarframe - reddit.

Braton Prime Builds. Zu beachten ist, dass die Builds nur Vorschläge sind und nicht unbedingt die besten sind. Wichtig zu sagen ist, dass jeder selbst mit dem Build zurechtkommen muss und selbst entscheiden muss, was für ein Build sich mit der eigenen Spielvariante deckt. I understand gear isn't strictly linear. But the content unquestionably is. T1 MD has 10-20 enemies. T2 has 20-30, and T3 has 30-40. It's insane to pretend that's not a progression. 08/07/2016 · Warframe – Void Relic Prime Drop Table As of Warframe Update – Specters of the Rail, there is a new way of obtaining prime items. Here are all the Void Relics and their Item drops along with the odds of it dropping without any refinement from my odd rating of Common, Uncommon and Rare. Braton Prime is my favourite primary. I spent 20p on a shitty Riven mod, then rerolled the thing and turned it into this. This is my current build, and it cuts down virtually everything easily. Level 100 Heavy Gunner falls down in 7 shots, tops.

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